For 75 years, ABC has been providing security and peace of mind to customers by balancing traditional values with up-to-the-minute knowledge of industry technology and practices.



One that should not be taken lightly since security solutions and support are built on competencies and trust. As an industry leader in integrated access control systems and physical security, ABC Security has the reputation, knowledge, in-depth and diversified skill sets backed by Enterprise level manufacturer resources


ABC Security has established a broad and diverse customer base as well as a reputation for providing 'Best-in-Class' services for many of the nation's leading market segments. ABC Security values the importance of long term relationships. This is why we are committed to our guiding principles of attracting and hiring the best people, aligning ourselves with premier products and maintaining quality processes.

Featured Products

We ensure that every product we sell meets or exceeds the highest standards of craftsmanship, reliance and performance in our industry. By partnering with only the most trusted manufacturers, we can deliver peace of mind and unparalleled security to you and the people and property you want to protect.

Besam SW200i – Pedestrian operator – Surface mount

Besam SW200i – Pedestrian operator – Overhead Concealed

Camden Controls – Column 36″ & 9″ Push Plate Switches

Camden Controls – CM Series Aura Illuminated Push Plate Switch Kits

Camden Controls – Restroom control kits

HES APERIO K100 wireless cabinet lock


Aperio Wireless Lock Technology

Adams Rite RITE Touch digital glass door lock for single or double doors

Medeco Hybrid Keys

Mircom TX3-TOUCH-K15 Touch Screen Kiosk

Aiphone JO Series: 7-inch Touch Button Video Intercom

WatchNet ENX64HD-2T 64 Channel Enterprise class NVR

WatchNet MPIX-20-VDV-IRM Remote Focus 2.1 Megapixel Infrared Vandal Dome Camera

Who We Are

To achieve our mission, we have created an organization that is built to deliver. The individuals within our infrastructure have been developed to serve the broad range of specializations necessary for turnkey solutions.

What We Do

Our company prides itself on providing and maintaining maximum technical support, state of the art products, software and training, and comprehensive support for regional and national companies.


Our approach to the individual and unique requirements of our clients is a refreshing one. We evaluate your exposure to loss, risk and liability in a way that is easy to understand. When the evaluation process is complete, we offer options that suit the specific needs based upon priority, effectiveness and budget.

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